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Cotton Farmers apply reliable methods to maximize irrigation efficiency


Being from select areas we often only think of crops that are in our local areas and forget about their efforts toward efficiency in the industry.  Across the Cotton Belt several tips by consultants on how growers can maximize water use, therefore saving water and money while maximizing the yield potential of cotton varieties.   […]

Canada Farmers Swap Soybean as U.S.-China Spat Drags on Prices

Canada Farmers

Soybeans have become the newest crop in parts of Canada’s prairies, they are starting to lose their appeal as Donald Trump’s trade war with China drives down prices. Soybean acres in Canada are poised to drop for the second straight year as farmers shift acres to more profitable crops. In addition to the price concerns, […]

African Water Management for Agriculture – 4 Simple Advantages

Managing water in African countries

African nations have been tremendously included in climate resilient agriculture in their indicative pledges to the United Nations. Agriculture is a major focus through a common position of the African Union on climate adaptation. Agriculture employs more than 60% of Africa’s working population. But low productivity and high levels of food insecurity persist. The inclusion of agriculture in strategies should […]

Amazing Benefits of Using Rainfall Maps Help Conserve Water

Rain Maps

With the growing populations and the need to provide for more people, conservation is becoming a huge buzz word in the many companies with in the agricultural industry.   One company is using what nature is already suppling them with and applying technology to track in order to better production and conserve water.   Trimble’s […]

Going from not enough to massive amounts water was an issue in Australia


In our industry, we mainly focus on controlling the water to our crops and supplying as needed. In some cases, we are not in control. This recently happened to Australia and their cattle took a major hit with the major change in the atmosphere.   In north-west Queensland, Australia it hadn’t rained for more than […]

Different Irrigation Systems – 10 Different Beneficial Perspectives

Different Irrigation Systems offer Different Perspectives

A few months ago, we had an article about the different types of irrigation systems that are used all over the world. Single-use drip tape is becoming a more common system for growers in California. The following 10 explanations offer a bit of light to a trending irrigation systems. 1. Initial Cost Even in recent […]

Exciting New Technology for 2019 Irrigation Industry

New Technology for 2019 Irrigation Industry

  More food and water will be needed to sustain humanity has been the buzz words for a long time. For half a century, we have tripled our need for water and food, and there are no signs of this trend slowing down.   As a result, agricultural practices have been pushed to be innovative […]

Precision Irrigation – 3 Intriguing Things to Consider Before Adopting

Precision Irrigation

When adopting precision irrigation, the goal is to optimize use of water and energy resources for ideal plant performance for a specific location at a specific time. But how do we ensure the right decisions are made to reach this goal? Accurate precision irrigation requires understanding the system. It is not enough to just know […]