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WaterBit Irrigation Technology impressively becoming the #1 company to watch


Earlier this year a new product was released into the irrigation industry and is proving to have some great features. The WaterBit Pressure Sensor tracks the water pressure within your irrigation system to ensure that all systems are working properly and are delivering the right amount of water. The Pressure Sensor provides growers with remote […]

Irrigation made simple: History, Benefits, Guides

irrigation made simple

One of humans most needed essential resources is food.  As technology in the agriculture industry has developed the ways and methods for supplying this demand has changed and became more efficient. Throughout time this need/demand has increased. Therefore, depending on rainwater to fulfill these needs is quite unrealistic. Furthermore, irrigation has become a much-needed factor […]

Sustainable Farming 101 – “No Till” Method Becoming More Popular

no till farming

To many people, no-till farming is an incredible step forward for agriculture. At a time when fertile topsoil is being worn away by wind and water at rates that are figured by tons per acre per year. Proven by many researchers no-till does preserve topsoil, but this advantage doesn’t come without trade-offs.   The Basics   In […]

How treacherous winter weather is affecting dry soil areas


Soils throughout the Midwest states have been seen to be drier than normal in the past years. Subsoil moisture in the top five feet of soil is below average. Researchers believe that because temperatures this winter have been extremely cold.   The director of the USDA Midwest Climate Hub at Iowa State University, Dennis Todey, […]