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Irrigation Looking Back at the Impressive History of These 4 Types

Agricultural Irrigation Through History

Agricultural Irrigation Through History Agricultural Irrigation systems have been edited and added to over many years. In fact, the systems are still be improved with added technology such as updated wheels, sprinkler heads and in some case complete new systems. We have used irrigation to water crops since ancient times. Although original irrigation methods were more […]

Surefire 5 Step Guide to “No Till” Farming

No Till Farming

What is “No Till” Farming? No till farming is one popular method that farmers are using to better their field’s health and reduce erosion. No-till is just what is sounds like.  A true no-till system avoids disturbing the soil with tools like chisel plows, field cultivators, disks, and plows.   A plow could be considered the […]

Breaking down the basics of a Center Pivot 101

center pivot parts

Starting with The Basics Center pivots have been used as the main irrigation system for decades. Center pivots have seen some amazing benefits that lead to increased yields and less water wasted compared to other irrigation practices such as flood irrigation. Irrigation.Education has broken down the basic parts and the general mechanics behind an irrigation system […]