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5 Accomplished Pieces of Irrigation Technology

Irrigation Technology

5 Accomplished Pieces of Irrigation Technology With the main buzz word in the agriculture industry being precision it is only natural that irrigation technology built to better the industry impacts the irrigation industry as well. Since 2016 we have seen an increase in technology that is built to be more efficient. Farm Progress has been […]

Extraordinary Rainfall Affects 2019 Midwest Crops


Extraordinary rainfall has directly impacted the crops in the Midwest After extensive rainfall the Midwest looks more like a marsh than the fertile fields that grow some of the nation’s most lucrative crops. That’s because this spring has been one of the wettest on record for the region, this rainfall has carried over to the summer […]

Increased Soybean Rates make the case for weed suppression


The benefit of higher soybean seeding rates in terms of suppressing weeds is well documented.  Especially during the 1970’s and 80’s, it was commonly recommended to plant 200K soybean seed per acre in narrow rows to reduce weed control. As new, more effective herbicides were introduced those seeding rates were reduced.   The current seeding rate […]

3 Simple Ways to Make Variable Rate Irrigation Work on Your Farm

Variable Rate Irrigation

Variable Rate Irrigation on Your Farm The crop, soil, and other characteristics of every farm present a strong case that each field should be irrigated to its individual needs. This is where variable rate irrigation systems come into play. It offers growers the opportunity to customize water application based on specific field conditions and other […]