5 Accomplished Pieces of Irrigation Technology

Irrigation Technology

5 Accomplished Pieces of Irrigation Technology

With the main buzz word in the agriculture industry being precision it is only natural that irrigation technology built to better the industry impacts the irrigation industry as well. Since 2016 we have seen an increase in technology that is built to be more efficient. Farm Progress has been watching these changes and advancements and highlighting companies over the years.

High-Tech Nozzle

Nozzles can get plugged with debris and have to be removed for cleaning. That’s why Washington-based Nelson Irrigation Corporation has come out with a new side-load nozzle for center-pivot sprinklers that is multi-functional. This design’s side-load nozzle allows farmers you to push and turn the nozzle between on, off, nozzle flush, and line flush positions to remove debris without removing the nozzle. The 3NV nozzle can be part of a dual-nozzle clip and can also act as an integral shut-off valve, as a more economical and reliable alternative to a ball valve.

Tech tool Retrofit for Center Pivots

Also winning an AE50 award is the FieldNET Pivot Control by Lindsay Corporation. FieldNET Pivot Control is designed to retrofit almost any existing center pivot brand. It allows for full remote control of pivots and other equipment, such as pumps, injectors, pressure sensors, flowmeters, and rainfall sensors. In addition, farmers need the latest control technology to better manage their labor, water, and chemical resources.

Pivot Control provides for easy in-field control, variable-rate irrigation of up to 360 sectors, and full control and monitoring at a fraction of the cost of a controller upgrade.

Payback of propane-powered irrigation

The Propane Farm Incentive Program tests the performance of new propane equipment, including irrigation engines, grain dryers, flame weed control systems, premium generator sets, and agricultural heating systems. Program participants are offered a financial incentive toward the purchase of new propane equipment in exchange for real-world performance data.

Second-Generation Soil Sensor

CropX is an agricultural analytics startup that is focused on reducing water use by as much as a third from pivot irrigation through a soil monitoring software system. Moisture sensors placed in the field connect to the web and alert you, through a mobile app, when the field needs water.  The new sensor, which screws into the ground, can be installed in less than four minutes compared to 20 minutes it took before. The retail price is $380/sensor with an annual subscription that starts at $220/sensor.

Precision Irrigation for corner arms

Trimble has introduced a new feature to its precision irrigation system called Irrigate-IQ. The Irrigate-IQ uniform corner allows you to apply a consistent amount of water on the area covered by a center-pivot corner arm. It is solution prevents over- or under-watering through a uniform application, which can reduce crop stress, promote better nutrient absorption due to reduced run off and leaching, and ultimately improve crop quality and yield. It also enables farmers to optimize water use.