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  • Eagle Delay Timer 120V 60-Min. OFF Delay BRE10A601

Eagle Delay Timer 120V 60-Min. OFF Delay BRE10A601

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3405 300th Avenue

Saint Edward , NE. 68660


Quantity: 100

Condition: New

BRE enclosed construction with front facing dial and knob. The BRE timer has a heavy duty terminal block, with 9 screw terminals that will readily accept 16 gauge wire commonly used in industrial circuit wiring.
The case of the BR series timer is injection molded Lexan®. This material is recognized by Underwriters Laboratories for use as the sole support of current carrying components. Lexan is self-extinguishing, has a high impact strength, and high dimensional stability.

OPERATION The NEW BRE series reset timers are micro proces-sor driven. They provide an accurate adjustable time delay between the actuation of the control circuit and the operation of the load switches. New standard pilot light is on during timing period.

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