Reinke Manufacturing – Mixing Quality Services and Innovation

Reinke Manufacturing - Mixing Quality Services and Innovation 1

Reinke Manufacturing is a company that is proud to be a contributor to the agriculture industry. They are proud to be a company that calls rural America home. They pride themselves on being an independent company that cares more about building great irrigation systems than returning dividend to stockholders. Reinke listed values like honesty, trust, common sense and tradition on their website.

Reinke Manufacturing - Mixing Quality Services and Innovation 2

Many companies have been reaching towards a goal like Reinke listed on their website about sustainability practices. Reinke takes many steps to conserve and protect our environment and have plans to implement more of these types of changes in the future. Through economically sound processes Reinke minimizes negative environmental impact while conserving energy and natural resources. The following are small but large steps that they take to make a difference.

  • Designing center pivot and lateral move irrigation systems with application efficiencies as high as 95%, maximizing water delivery directly to the root zone.
  • ​Recycling cardboard, oil, paper, aluminum, steel, copper batteries and ink cartridges.
  • Using energy efficient lighting and insulation along with installing motion sensory lighting in restrooms.
  • Purchasing steel products from vendors who are renowned for their expertise in turning scrap steel into high quality reusable goods.
  • Installing air cleaners that filter out welding smoke particles and send clean air back into the factory.
  • Introducing environmentally friendly enzymes to help ensure proper balance and maintenance of lagoon systems.
  • Continually improving the efficiency of our mechanized irrigation products to minimize runoff and improve infiltration, all while remaining gentle on the soil.
  • When the ReinCoat™ kettle is cleaned the bottom, dross is collected in molds and sold to be recycled.
  • The top ash of the ReinCoat™ kettle is skimmed off the molten zinc and recycled in house. The reclaimed zinc and alloys are inserted back in the molten zinc bath and the ash is sold to a recycling center for further recycling.
  • The ReinCoat™ pre-treatment room air is filtered through an air scrubber system to clean any airborne chemicals out of the air.
  • The smoke generated from the hot dip galvanizing process in the ReinCoat™ facility is contained in an enclosure above the kettle and processed through a filtration system to filter the smoke out of the air.
  • The hot dip galvanizing process in the ReinCoat™ facility is lead-free because of the special high grade zinc, 99.995% pure zinc, and alloys that are used.
  • All processed tie wire and chain is recycled.

Aside from the sustainable efforts that are put forth from Reinke. They have center pivots that are leading the American irrigation industry. Reinke states three “E”s that define the center pivot technology that Reinke is using.

These are Efficient, Effective, and Economic. Irrigation in agriculture plays a significant role in the production of U.S. and World agriculture goods. Without the use of irrigation, crop production would be limited making it a challenge to meet the needs of a growing population.


Over the years, many different irrigation techniques and methods have been developed to accommodate changing environments. Age-old surface irrigation continues to be popular based on its simplicity and cost effective value, but as technologies are changing mechanized irrigation systems are becoming more and more appealing to producers. Center pivot irrigation has become the most efficient and effective form of irrigation by using precision technology for many different applications throughout a field.


The future of irrigated agriculture will depend on the acceptance of changing technologies to increase precision management practices and enhance crop production. The value of efficiency and effectiveness is essential to maintain a sustainable agriculture environment.


Breaking down Reinke’s center pivot types and their benefits that are offered.


Electrogator® II

  • A wider tower base for increased stability
  • Absorbs more stress at the tower and does not transfer it directly to the water pipe
  • Reduced component fatigue to maximize system life
  • Less intrusive structure improves water application at the tower and causes less disturbance to taller crops
  • ​Increased flotation for better performance


  • Great weight reduction compared to traditional all steel systems.
  • 16′ wide tower base for extreme stability.
  • Greater flotation due to lighter weight.
  • High corrosion resistance.  Aluminum is a preferred option for highly corrosive water.
  • Great choice for difficult soil types.
  • Built in all aluminum ladder on each tower base.


  • An excellent choice for lower flow rates and smaller fields. ​
  • Uses a compact, durable, 3-leg pivot center
  • Can be configured with a Kwik Tow pivot option for easy transport with a pickup or small tractor
  • 4 1/2″ diameter piped spans can easily and economically cover the dry areas created where several larger systems are nested together
  • Equipped with all the same high-quality components as our Electrogator II
  • Minigator spans can easily be added to the end of 6″ and 6 5/8″ spans
  • 57″ outlet spacing