Bussmann Fusetron® Class RK5 Time-Delay Fuse


Bussmann Fusetron® Class RK5 Time-Delay Fuse

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Bussmann Fusetron® Class RK5 Time-Delay Fuse


• Provides motor overload, ground fault and short-circuit protection. When used in circuits subject to surge currents such as those caused by motors, transformers and other inductive components, these fuses can be sized close tofull-load amps to give maximum over current protection.

• The time-delay feature makes it possible to use fuse amp ratings which are much smaller than those of non-time delay fuses. Considerable cost saving occurs by permitting the use of smaller size switches, panels and fuses themselves.

• Provides a good degree of short-circuit protection (greater current-limitation) to help protect downstream components from high fault currents.

• Gives motor running back-up protection to motors without extra cost.

• Helps protect motors against burnout from overloads and single-phasing when sized properly.

• Simplifies and improves blackout prevention (selective coordination ratios).

• Dual-element fuses can be applied in circuits subject to temporary motor overloads and surge currents to provide both high-performance, short-circuit and overload protection.

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