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Irrigation Influencers

irrigation influencers

Irrigation Influencers We have all seen the social media influencers that sell clothing, and jewelry. But what happens when this same idea is applied to the cotton industry involving water usage.   There has been a few companies and individuals who have set out to do just that and their mission.  Sustainability. It’s been a […]

Soil Types May Have a Bigger Influence on Irrigation Than You Think


Soil Types May Have a Bigger Influence on Irrigation Than You Think When it comes to irrigation, many growers share a common question of how much, how long, how fast and how often they need to irrigate. The answers according to Michigan Extension office usually involve a combination of soil characteristics, plant growth stage and […]

Irrigation Looking Back at the Impressive History of These 4 Types

Agricultural Irrigation Through History

Agricultural Irrigation Through History Agricultural Irrigation systems have been edited and added to over many years. In fact, the systems are still be improved with added technology such as updated wheels, sprinkler heads and in some case complete new systems. We have used irrigation to water crops since ancient times. Although original irrigation methods were more […]

5 useful water saving tips that focus on both your lawn and your field

water saving tips

Switching it up this week with a few water saving tips that can be applied to your crops and land that make up your field, but also tips that will help your lawn and landscape be more efficient during the watering months. Southern Living outlined 5 helpful tips for landscaping in a blog post earlier […]

6 Important Advantages of Drones in the Agriculture Industry

Drones 6 Benefits

Drones in the Agriculture Last week we spoke a little bit about drone’s impact in the irrigation industry. We at Irrigation Listings wanted to learn a little bit more about these miniature air crafts. So, we did some research on a drone’s ability to impact the agriculture industry.   First off, our basic research lead […]