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Growing Popularity of Solar Powered & Time-Based Micro Irrigation Systems


The “Global Smart Irrigation Systems Market 2018-2022” has release their report to the www.researchandmarkets.com website which offers key insight such as: The smart irrigation systems market will register a CAGR of almost 16% by 2022.   With an increasing adoption of irrigation drones, there is a growing demand for smart irrigation systems. One of the latest […]

Tracking Agricultural Irrigation Water Use

water tracking 2

Living in a world where we demand so much from the land and resources; it has become a priority to track and know two major pieces of our demand: How much? When we are using these resources?   Irrigation that is used for agriculture is the largest use of the fresh water supply around the […]

Bettering our Sustainability Efforts now to better our Future of Agriculture Tomorrow


Syngenta and The Nature Conservancy are teaming up for a new innovation for Nature collaboration that promotes soil health, resource efficiency, and habitat protection in major agricultural regions worldwide.   Officials for these groups have said that the program brings together Syngenta’s research and development capabilities and the Nature Conservancy (TNC) scientific and conservation expertise […]

Utilizing Apps in your field and equipment.

irrigation apps

The older generation is not liking the sudden increase of technology in their tractors, pivots, or farms in general, but they are willing to learn because of the advancements that are being made.   This technology has resulted in huge advancements for the irrigation industry.  Smartphones and tablets have proven invaluable for remote control of […]

Flood Safety Tips: Home & Irrigation Systems


Recently the United States has seen some unbelievable amounts of water resulting in flooding parts of the Midwest region which has put stress on the homeowners and agricultural producers in the area. Luckily many resources have been released by relief specialists and working professionals covering tips for recovering and preparing for the flooding.   We […]

Walmart Foundation Supports IDEI irrigation in India with hopes to raise incomes

India Technology walmart

This week we are going to take a step back from the United States irrigation news and peak into what has been happening in India. Though the United States is a large producer for corn, soybeans, and a few others. Other countries have the ability to grow and produce crops that we are not as […]

Slow Welcome for Some New Irrigation Technologies

Irrigation Technology

Precision agriculture technologies, specifically irrigation technologies, are still trying to prove their worth to many producers. The hope is that they would be willing to leave the old ways behind and take a chance on the new technologies for field operations. Technologists often create amazing solutions but fail to make it fit into the grower’s […]

WaterBit Irrigation Technology impressively becoming the #1 company to watch


Earlier this year a new product was released into the irrigation industry and is proving to have some great features. The WaterBit Pressure Sensor tracks the water pressure within your irrigation system to ensure that all systems are working properly and are delivering the right amount of water. The Pressure Sensor provides growers with remote […]

Irrigation made simple: History, Benefits, Guides

irrigation made simple

One of humans most needed essential resources is food.  As technology in the agriculture industry has developed the ways and methods for supplying this demand has changed and became more efficient. Throughout time this need/demand has increased. Therefore, depending on rainwater to fulfill these needs is quite unrealistic. Furthermore, irrigation has become a much-needed factor […]

Sustainable Farming 101 – “No Till” Method Becoming More Popular

no till farming

To many people, no-till farming is an incredible step forward for agriculture. At a time when fertile topsoil is being worn away by wind and water at rates that are figured by tons per acre per year. Proven by many researchers no-till does preserve topsoil, but this advantage doesn’t come without trade-offs.   The Basics   In […]