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Red Meat Exports Affecting Corn Producers

The U.S. Meat Export Federation has established the results of a study focused at calculating the value delivered to U.S. corn producers through exports of red meat.   The original 2016 study, as well as the 2018 follow-up, were conducted by World Perspectives which is a leading agricultural consulting firm.   The original study, The […]

What can a center pivot do for you?

Center pivot irrigation is a system that delivers water in circular patterns, covering the field area. It involves a long water pipe that is supported by towers that are placed high enough to supply water to mature crops. Depending on the size of the system, water can be supplied to all sizes of fields. These […]

Irrigation Technology Developed in 2018

As the last few days of December come to an end it is important to look what we as and industry has accomplished in the previous year. 2018 has been the year of advancements in technology.   From drones to blockchain, the innovations and developments made in this year will continue to impact the future […]

Don’t just leave your center pivot in the cold!

With winter in full swing, it’s important to take steps to protect your irrigation system from freezing temperatures and the nasty weather that come with winter season. Just like you treat any other piece of agricultural equipment, center pivots should be prepped for winter weather. Taking a few simple steps before the conditions become too […]

Trading with China, how is it going?

Earlier this year President Trump began giving China demands that were all over the map, at one point demanded that China reduces its bilateral trade surpluses, later demanded that it drop the “Made in China 2025” technology initiative, and now it eliminates tariffs that adversely affect voters in the U.S. Trump has made a big […]

Common methods of irrigation in the industry

All around the world, there are different methods of irrigation. As most of us know irrigation is supplying plants with regular intervals of water when rain is not enough. Irrigation equipment and techniques have developed as technology in the industry has changed.   There are many common factors between all methods of farming. The additional […]

Radial vs Bias Pivot Tires

In the irrigation world, there are some choices that need to be made when choosing what tire is the correct fit for your pivot and land. Before we dive into the advantages and disadvantages of each tire type, it’s important to understand exactly what bias ply and radial means. They two types of tires are […]

Ask your neighbor. 


In light of the holiday season that is quickly approaching the team at Irrigation Listings and I would like to take a short break from the Irrigation industry and focus on an issue that is becoming larger. In today’s world, it is pretty easy to develop a mono-focus where you only focus on issues that directly affect you. We see cries for […]

Ways to avoid Center Pivot Wheel Rutting  

Though pivots supply a much-needed resource to crops over time they can create bigger issues for the land depending on the management and usage of the pivot by the farmers. Wheel tracks often develop into ruts because of a combination of excessive water application on the tracks, and compaction by the tower wheel that is moving on the wet soil. The issue begins to […]

Irrigation Association Show in California 

Irrigation Listings will be one of the 350 exhibitors that will be attending the 2018 Irrigation Association Show that will be held in Long Beach, California on December 3rd – 7th. Irrigation Listings is a bronze member of the Irrigation Association with this being the 3rd IA Show that the staff has attended. Irrigation Listings become interested in the IA show when they wanted to start sharing their business and to see the […]