Valley Irrigation: Precision is the buzz word

Valley Irrigation: Precision is the buzz word 1

Valley Irrigation: Precision is the buzz word 2Valley Irrigation prides themselves on being worldwide leaders in precision irrigation. The company focuses on innovating center pivots, linear, and corner equipment that provide solutions for conserving water and meeting a demand that is growing by the thousand for food in the United States.

Talk about a company with a mission, as mentioned before, they are the global leader in mechanized irrigation equipment and the industry’s authority on advancing irrigation technologies. They irrigate approximately 25 million acres worldwide. Their equipment is designed to conserve water, save time, reduce input costs and increase success of farms that are using their equipment.


With the industry being called to increase their technology and find the next big technology advance, Valley has completed that with providing their users a network that allows them to connect with their pivot system remotely from any location across the world.


Building off connecting with your pivots anywhere at any time, Valley has been working to build more innovative irrigation equipment. The newest addition to the Valley equipment is the New Valley X-Tec Center Drive Motor.


The Valley website shared this information about the X-Tec Center Drive Motor which has features that boost its performance.

Valley Irrigation: Precision is the buzz word 3

  • Fast Pass technology: Continuous movement allows the machine to operate up to two times faster than standard AC motors
  • Advanced DC drive: Delivers full torque at any speed
  • Steel Gears: Provide more strength than powdered metal
  • Aluminum finned housing: Runs 20° cooler for a longer motor life. No paint to chip, scratch or corrode
  • Internally-vented junction box: Prevents moisture and contaminants from corroding the wire connections
  • Crop guard: Protects shaft seals for extended life
  • Integral pinion gear: Eliminates coupler, improves reliability
  • Helical gears: More tooth contact than spur gears, providing more torque capacity and quieter operation


Besides the new equipment, Valley has been working for 60 years to be the most trusted brand in the industry. From pivot point to last span, Valley engineers constructs and field-tests each center pivot to handle the full range of operating conditions that their customers need. With structuring that stands up to the toughest loads produced by rough terrain, deep furrows and long-span machines.

Valley center pivots are proven to last longer, perform better and command the highest resale value. One factor that contributes to this is that every Valley center pivot is hot-dip galvanized before it leaves their factory to withstand the elements making sure your investment is around for years to come.

To complete your Valley center pivot, the irrigation systems are set up with Valley Sprinklers, Komet Sprinklers, Senninger Sprinklers, and Nelson Sprinklers. Valley includes information about where and what sprinkler system is best for your fields.



Spacing is Critical

  • Each sprinkler applicator must be positioned correctly to maximize water delivery, and the overlap of the sprinkler pattern is a critical factor in making sure your crops are getting water where they need it. Correct sprinkler spacing is achieved through Valley®computer models that ensure uniform application once the sprinklers are installed in your field.

Low-Pressure Sprinklers Conserve Energy

  • Low-pressure sprinkler technology provides solutions that lower your energy bill because you
    irrigate at a lower water pressure. You can effectively operate sprinklers at 10-20 PSI, which is significantly lower and more efficient than previous sprinkler generations.

Crop Protection Products and Fertilizers Can Be Applied

  • Growers like you can realize substantial savings when crop protection products and fertilizers are applied through center pivots and linear, rather than via ground rigs or aerial sprays. This is especially true in the case of crops that require several applications in the course of a season.

Valley also has a few questions that ensure the sprinkler system is going to perform at the highest ability possible. These questions are:

  • What is your soil type and texture?
    – Proper sprinkler package design helps reduce soil sealing with medium to heavy soils.
  • What crops will you grow?
    – Crop height is an important factor in sprinkler package design to ensure maximum uniformity. The type of crops grown are also used to determine machine flow rate.

How would you describe your field’s terrain?
– The slope of your field must be considered when selecting a sprinkler applicator to minimize runoff, which will keep water where it does the crop the most good.