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WaterBit Irrigation Technology impressively becoming the #1 company to watch


Earlier this year a new product was released into the irrigation industry and is proving to have some great features. The WaterBit Pressure Sensor tracks the water pressure within your irrigation system to ensure that all systems are working properly and are delivering the right amount of water. The Pressure Sensor provides growers with remote monitoring and sends alerts through a smartphone or computer, so you know your system is working at its best.


Pressure Sensors are an essential part of WaterBit’s complete end-to-end automated irrigation solution that is small, powerful and reliable. The cloud-based solution gives you information and control for every micro block in your fields by combining near real-time data on soil and crop conditions with automation tools to plan and control irrigation. Which result in users to save hundreds of hours of labor, maximize crop yield and quality, all while optimizing water efficiency with WaterBit’s complete solution.


Another key part that is offered by WaterBit is the WaterBit Carbon which is a small sensor unit that monitors soil moisture, soil temperature, and other factors, wherever it’s installed in a field. By splitting a field into “microblocks” that might cover only a portion of a field or even as little as part of a single row of plants WaterBit wants to give farmers more control of how much water and other nutrients are actually reaching their crops.


Many of you might be wondering how these sensors get the information to you. The data the sensors collect about soil conditions are displayed on a remote dashboard. Which eventual saves on time and cost rather than o manual soil moisture testing and WaterBit’s remote valve controller allows farmers to direct different amounts of water to different parts of their fields.


With these advancements in technology, companies like WaterBit, and others, can give farmers more information about what’s going on in their fields easier and more consistent than they have ever been able to in previous years. Information such as detailed soil moisture readings to readily available data about sunlight and plant health. This gives farmers that ability to better operation costs, and water savings that could have a positive impact on the environment, and marketing benefits as well.

Sensors like WaterBit’s, which has the ability to know how much moisture is reaching plants from not just irrigation but precipitation. This is because a series of probes in the ground are reading the soil’s actual moisture can be sending signals to controllers.

One more important piece to WaterBit’s system is the WaterBit Block Valve Controller which completely changes the way farmers irrigate by providing remote, wireless control of the flow of water to crops. This means you can open and close valves without having to manual turn on or off each block.

The WaterBit Autonomous Irrigation Solution provides complete monitoring and control for irrigation. Soil moisture sensors connect with small, solar-powered nodes that collect and send data to an app that communicates with the Block Valve Controller to toggle valves. Farmers can even set predetermined soil moisture levels to the Block Valve Controllers into action–either opening valves for more moisture or closing them when desired levels are reached.

After looking into the company it seems that many WaterBit products are easy to install and begin using. The WaterBit solution installs in a matter of minutes, and because of the powerful technology behind WaterBit. The system will begin to operate in low-light conditions and under the canopy, keeping out of the way of your operations and harvest.

WaterBit’s Block Valve Controller is a maintenance-free device. It is extremely energy efficient and is powered by a thumbnail-sized solar cell. The system will have years of hassle-free service without the need to change batteries or maintain external solar charging equipment.

The WaterBit system works in all weather conditions collecting, transmitting and making data available in the app. You can view data and control irrigation with a dashboard that can be modified to display that stats and numbers each farmer is wanting to see.