What can a center pivot do for you?

What can a center pivot do for you? 1

Center pivot irrigation is a system that delivers water in circular patterns, covering the field area. It involves a long water pipe that is supported by towers that are placed high enough to supply water to mature crops. Depending on the size of the system, water can be supplied to all sizes of fields. These systems can also be used to irrigate many acres of land within a short amount of time.

What can a center pivot do for you? 2Depending on the type and the age of the crop that is around the center pivot, sprinklers can be suspended at certain levels and heights. The towers in the system that support the pipe have a drive motor that allows the entire system to rotate at a central fixed point. The center pivot irrigation system can complete a full circle or is adjustable to complete a portion of a circle. This feature helps the efficiency of supplying water when there are obstacles like power lines and residences in the track of the pivot.


When comparing to other irrigation systems, the center pivot is often found as one of the best options for watering your crop field both effectively and efficiently. Center pivots dominate both the hand moved and large gun systems and are more efficient as they use less water. Center pivots have drop nozzles that can be set close to ground level and even below canopy level as crops grow.

The nozzles were designed to rarely get clogged, and the system itself doesn’t require the sophisticated filters demanded by drip irrigation. This feature reduces water waste as the water is less exposed to the wind. Once programmed to operate at a certain speed and deliver a certain amount of water, the system operates automatically with less individuals needed.

Center Pivots apply water gently to the crop field, reducing the risk of puddling or surface runoff, which are common disadvantages of using hand moved or big gun sprinkler systems. And, unlike furrow systems, center pivot irrigation systems do not cause much soil erosion and water coverage under the system is very orderly. Most center pivot systems have an expected life of about 20 years and offer the possibility of applying chemicals, like ripeners and fertilizers, to the crop field. Lastly, center pivots are more affordable than other irrigation systems.

Center pivots are found in United States, Europe and Africa. The system is particularly suited to flat terrain. It is common also common in regions such as Saudi Arabia, but also in the Landes, south of Gironde, the Centre region. It’s hydraulic and agronomic performance top of the line which is why they are commonly used.

What can a center pivot do for you? 3


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